X-Ray Thickness Gauge

X-Ray thickness gauge

The Thickness Gauge is a device for relative measurement:
Thickness (µm)
Weight by area(g/m2)
Using Low-energy soft X-Rays, based on a change to X-Rays transmitted.
The System is available for both In-Line and Off-Line.


Total thickness measurement of Film or Metal Foil.
Thickness measurement of only Coated films.

In the “In-Line” measurement model, the system measures thickness in real-time so that an uneven thickness either widthwise or lengthwise can be corrected immediately.

In the “Off-Line” model, the system measures thickness in the same way as “In-Line”. Furthermore, it is possible to measure only the desired area. The system is suitable for sample inspection and R&D applications.

Applicable to a Wide Variety of Materials (examples)

Material Maximum Thickness Accuracy
PP 4000µm ±0.3%
PE 3500µm ±0.3%
PET 2000µm ±0.25%
PMMA 1000µm ±0.3%
Aluminum foil 600µm ±0.2%
Copper foil 60µm ±0.2%
Green Sheet 30µm ±0.3%

Current Models

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