The Vision
FUTEC was established over 40 years ago with the expectation that 'inspection equipment' would not only be a product, but would also have outstanding business potential. In 1977 our inspection equipment was unique, even when factory automation was accelerating.
While each company was in fierce competition to develop a machine to manufacture goods, very few companies developed systems to check finished products. Our focus on this 'niche' market serves to demonstrate our independent ability and determination to deliver quality control.

The Future
Due to the current trend of globalization every company struggles against intensified competition and conducts re-engineering of their production control process. We propose the introduction of our QC Inline System.
We understand the importance for enterprises to develop new products and enhance productivity in order to be active players in emerging markets. We have always developed our business activities from these viewpoints and aim to contribute to the progress of the industry.

The Challenge
In order to realize effective factory automation, not to mention improving quality, FUTEC has developed a range of inspection systems. Our systems detect defects during the manufacturing process; collect the quality information, then judges and analyses whether it is normal.
By adding a 'brain' to the machine, quality control (QC) is built into factory automation. FUTEC's QC Inline System will satisfy the eternal challenge, to produce high quality,low cost products at speed.

Ichiro Hirata

CEO and President

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