Current Models


A quality control system where performance and high levels of classification are required.


Film, Paper, Nonewoven Fabrics, Metal, Various coated films.


Using highly sensitive and various speed cameras selecting from 40MHz, 80MHz or 160MHz for the different inspection target, wide range of inspection is realized.
The action level can be selected in the same manner of MaxEye.AQuO in accordance with the defect classification and the defect seriousness.
It is possible to install camera unit and signal processing unit separately up to 100m, without interference from the noise or static electricity on production line by digital transmission.


The next generation of optical flaw surface inspection system, incorporating colour flaw image display which gives enhanced visibility in conjunction with high accuracy defect classification by colour.


Film, Paper, Nonwoven fabrics, Metals and Coating industries.


-This system utilises the latest high speed 80MHz colour camera technology with the ultra high speed 160 MHz monochrome camera technology

-The realisation of colour flaw images greatly enhances the clarity of defects.

-For color classification, the system adopts the HSV model, which is similar to the way in which humans perceive color

-Proprietary “setting assist” function facilitates easy setup and adjustment of defect classification criteria.


The next generation of quality control system for today's market encompasses three fundamental ideologies, "flexibility", "ease of operation’ and of course being Futec; "technology".


Film, Paper, Nonwoven fabrics, Metals and Coating industries.


Flexibility – Access to invaluable production data on a real-time basis throughout the production environment via any Tablet or Smartphone running conventional Web Brower technology. The customizable control interface makes it possible to tailor the application to individual customer requirements. The adoption of RDMS means communication with other equipment is now also possible via SQL.

Ease of operation. – An intuitive, user friendly interface replaces the often bewildering array of buttons and parameters settings. At the touch of button you can start the inspection process. Simple to operate slide bars make complex parameter settings a thing of the past.


-Utilising high-resolution (4,000/8,000 pixel), high-speed cameras operating at 40Mhz/160MHz results in optimum inspection performance regardless of process and material being inspected.

-Unique image processing algorithms facilitate high rates of detectability in conjunction with superior image clarity.

-Proprietary image processing technology offers a robust and cost effective solution.

-Proprietary LED lighting solutions.

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