Optical Flaw Inspection System

Optical Flaw Inspection System

Optical Flaw Inspection is for a wide range of “plain materials,” such as Film, Metal(foil), Paper and Nonwoven fabrics.

For Films typical defects include Fish Eyes, Gels, Foreign matter and Pin holes.
For Metal (foils) flaws include Dents, Bumps and Uneven buffing.
For Paper, the flaw includes Oil contamination, Water marks and Paper tears.

The optical conditions vary by material type and application process. We therefore adapt the optical set up to obtain the optimum detect ability.

We have experience in a wide range of applications and diverse industries collected during the 30 years we have been designing and manufacturing inspection systems. The knowledge gained enables us to propose optimum system specifications to ensure you receive the ‘best solution’ to meet your needs.
We are actively developing new state-of-the-art technologies for inspection in-house at our R&D Center in Japan. Our R&D development program enables us to stay ahead of new process and material development so that we can offer an inspection tool for new markets.

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