Metal/Metal Foil

For Metal applications the system has been implemented in fields as described below.

Material Examples

  • Copper foil, Aluminum foil, Copper plate, Aluminum plate, Iron and Steel plate

Installed Line Examples

  • Slitter Line, Tension leveler, Plating Line, Pickling Line, Degreasing Line and Coating Line

Operation Examples

A Metal production line generally is inspected using specular reflection lighting. With an identical angle applied between the lighting and camera on the surface of the material, the system is able to inspect for such defects as dents, bumps, uneven buffing and foreign matter.
Inspection on a roller is usual to avoid material fluttering to ensure stable inspection without false reported defects. In some cases, the end user may claim compensation for defective material being supplied. To prevent this it is essential for an inspection system to be installed to automatically monitor the process.

Practical examples of our systems in operation

Metal/Metal Foil

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