For Paper applications the system has been implemented in fields as described below.

Material Examples

  • Paper board, Carton, Lining paper, Paper for domestic use and Special Paper
    (Insulating paper, Coffee filter paper)

Installed Line Examples

  • Paper Machine Line, Slitter Line, Cutter Line, Coater Line, Rewinder Line and Calendar Line

Flaw Examples

  • Oil contamination, Water drops, Foreign matter, Hair, Hole, Colored fabric and Lumps

Practical examples of our systems in operation

Operation Examples

How to operate the system varies by working line on which it is implemented.
A combination of transmission, specular and diffuse reflection lighting are selected depending on the material and defects produced in the process.

  • It is often difficult to stop the Paper machine when flaws occur. In this case it is possible to set the system up to alarm and record defect data in the system memory. An optional Labeller or ink marker can be activated to mark the material at the defect location for easy removal downstream.

  • On a Rewinder machine you can stop the machine at each defect and splice out the flaws or allow the machine to run to the end of the roll and then edit the roll data before the machine runs in the reverse direction and stops at each selected flaw. You have the flexibility to decide which operation best suits your process.

  • On a Sheet Cutter line, the allowable number of defects per sheet can be set.
    If the number of defects exceeds the set limit, the system will output a reject signal.
    The cutter sorts acceptable and unacceptable product into stacks so sheets with flaws can be removed and prevented from being delivered to the end customer.

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