For Film applications the system has been implemented in fields as described below.

Example materials

  • General packaging materials (OPP film, PET film, PE film, Shrink film)

  • Optical film for LCD applications (coated film)

Installed Line Examples

  • (In-Line) Film-production Line, Casting Line, Extruder Line and Coating Line

  • (Off-Line) Slitter and Rewinder machines

Operation Examples

Implementing the system on a Film-production line reduces raw material losses by monitoring the process in real-time.
If a flaw in the process occurs, you may scrap several hundred meters of material if the fault goes unnoticed by the operators.
Installation of an inspection system enables the production process to be automatically monitored and alerts and tracks the defect so you can correct and remove the flaw.
Quality Control at the earliest stages of the Film-production process reduces waste and improves productivity.

For a Film-production line, an inspection machine with transmission light is typically supplied.
With transmitting light applied to film, a camera receives the light that has been transmitted through the film.

Practical examples of our systems in operation

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