Printed Film/Paper

Example materials

  • Printed Film (Food packaging, Medical packaging, Pharmaceutical products)

  • Printed Paper (Milk cartons, Cigarette cartons)

Installed Line Examples

  • Gravure Printing Line, Flexo Printing Line, Offset Rotary Press Line, Laminating Line, Extrusion Laminating Line, Slitters, Rewinders

Flaw Examples

  • Ink Splash, Doctor Knife Streak, Contamination, Foreign Matter, Hair, Insects, Holes, Missing Text

Operation Examples

How to operate the system varies by working line on which it is to be implemented.

  • Printing Line
    The majority of customers install the system “In-Line” in the Printing Line.
    Defects can be detected in the printing process, and instantly the operator can modify the production line and stop the occurrence of defects in real-time, reducing the loss of ink and material, which saves time and money.

  • Laminating Line
    In the Lamination process you commonly find foreign matter and inspects in the film.
    It is essential that these flaws do not reach the end user. By inserting a tab/label at each flaw you can track defects in the material to the downstream process (Slitter or Rewinder).

  • Rewinder Line
    Many customers install systems in the Rewinder Line to make final inspection before shipment of the material.
    When faulty product is delivered to your customers, you lose quality control.
    This approach is widely accepted by the customer for “Quality Assurance”.

Practical examples of our systems in operation

Printed Film/Paper

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