Material Examples

  • Medical/Cosmetic Package (Box), Carton Box, Playing Cards and Bank notes

Installed Line Examples

  • Sheet Feeder Lines

Flaw Examples

  • Ink Splash, Doctor Knife Streak, Contamination, Foreign Matter, Hair, Insects and Holes

Operation Examples

Normally the sheet is stacked on a pallet after printing. Once the defect is detected, one of the primary actions is the rejection of the sheet. There should be two stacks; one for good sheets and the other for defect sheets. You can set the maximum number of defects acceptable for one sheet. For example, a large defect cannot be accepted on one sheet. On the other hand, two or three small defects may be acceptable. This is based on your quality standard, or an agreement between you and the customer.
If the set limit is exceeded, the inspection system sends a signal to the Feeder line. You can adjust the line to make an appropriate rejecting action, by taking the defect signal from the inspection system.

Practical examples of our systems in operation


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